la Carta della Terra
Bulding sustainible communities

In July 2008, the Fondazione Cogeme Onlus presented the project “Building Sustainable communities”, born of reflection on the Earth Charter and the need to translate this document into actions that might contribute to making the local communities of which it is an expression more sustainable and liveable.


The project revolves around local communities as “educating communities” which, despite having a beating “educational heart" – school– are on the whole involved in raising awareness of ”earthly identity” which everyone, young or old, carries within themselves.


“Building sustainable communities” is an environmental governance project, developed into certain specific initiatives (actions), including:

§         putting this website on line;

§         starting up a project meant for school heads to include the Earth Charter as part of the “Piano dell'Offerta Formativa”, that is the strategic school planning document ;
an international event, entitled "The Healing Earth".