la Carta della Terra
Castegnato School and EC

Having become the Castegnato local community cultural mission, the Earth Charter was also embraced at the Istituto Comprensivo di Castegnato (nursery, primary school and first stage secondary school), as a document that "lends itself to opening horizons in which to place the kids’ educational programme, paying attention to basic themes that combine being part of a local community and the ability to be aware of the wider problems in today’s world” (Elia Ravelli, headmaster).

The Istituto Comprensivo has decided to name itself after Padre Vittorio Falsina and, subsequently, several initiatives and projects inspired by the Earth Charter were lined up, including:

§         inserting the Charter into the “Piano dell'Offerta Formativa” for schools in Castegnato;

§         disseminating multimedia academic programmes that use the Earth Charter such, for example, as "The great circle of the Earth"  (Cogeme);

§         a training course for teaching about the Earth Charter;

§         several projects, shared with the local council, pedibus (children are taken to school on foot every morning by volunteers) and motus (to encourage physical activity among children through experimenting with various types of sport), by involving local associations.