la Carta della Terra
The healing earth

The Healing Hearth. The Wisdom of Nature and Sustainible Communities 
Castegnato (BS), 8 novembre 2008

In partnership with Municipality of Castegnato

Supported by UNESCO, Earth Charter International - italian Ministry of Education - Università Cattolica - Lombardy Region

The present event is part of the UN’s Decade for Education on Sustainable Development (2005-2014), and is an opportunity to extend the debate and range of actions about the educational potential of the Earth Charter, with a particular focus on Earth caring and the building of sustainable communities. The event is inspired by the deep sense of belonging and love for the Earth as expressed by Native People.

The very special guest of the congress will be Caren Trujillo, wellness consultant. She is of Yaqui descent, deeply nourished in Native American culture. She has worked closely with spiritual teachers and healers, acquiring knowledge of herbal, traditional and natural methods of healing.