la Carta della Terra
The consultation process

The campaign that has promoted the development of the Charter (the Earth Charter Campaign) begins in 1995 with the express purpose to create a single document agreed with all peoples of the Earth and in which were gathered the basic principles of ecology , economic and social-politics.  missing in the various declarations and conventions since 1945. One of the objectives of the campaign was to present the Charter to the United Nations Conference planned for 2002. About sixty experts met with representatives of stakeholders in a working group, during which a committee was established with the task for guiding and supervising the project (Earth Charter Commission). The Commission met for the first time in March 1997, giving birth to a first draft of the Earth Charter, a document considered always in progress, open to further additions and modifications.  In fact,  after a long tiring process of consultation, all the people's world were involeved to  define the core values ​​of the Earth Chart reflecting the various tradition and cultures. Was specifically created a Working Group (Drafting Team) for inspect all the contributions coming from the consultation process . The final version of the Charter was written in March 2000. It has preamble followed by 16 Principles (divided into 4 sections devoted to ecology, economy, society and politics) and a "conclusion" to be understood as a "beginning" of a new commitment.