la Carta della Terra
The history of the document



the origins

The Brundtland Commission calls for the production of a new Charter and the Universal Declaration on Environment and Development in order to define guidelines that should guide the behavior of individual states, their domestic and international relations. This process, however, is interrupted at the Rio Earth Summit (1992), which shows the so-called Rio Declaration.

1994 -2000

Phase 1: development and comprehensive consultation

Maurice Strong (Secretary of the Rio Earth Summit and founder of Earth Council) and Mikhail Gorbachev (as president of Green Cross International) revived the project of the Earth Charter as an initiative of civil society. In 1994 began the process of consultation and preparation of a draft. In 1997 the Commission created the Earth Charter.

2000 -2005

Step 2: Launch and promotion

The final text is approved and launched for  the promotional campaign. The Earth Charter is strongly supported at the Johannesburg Summit (2002) although not formally adopted. Grow local initiatives while continuing the support process at the international level (IUCN 2004).

2006 -

Phase 3: Expansion and orientation of the action

In 2005 he conducted a strategic review which shows the decision to expand the initiative, creating new centers and programs, with the intent to expand the awareness, impact and active engagement in the field of sustainable development.