la Carta della Terra
The Native Viewpoint

Various native populations were very important to make the extended  version of the the Earth Charter. Particulary in the Preamble section of the Charter we can appreciate the wisdom of native vision about the relationship with the Earth. The native peoples have an organicist vision of the environment where the human being is not the dominant, overpowering and decisive, but it is one of many parts that make up the '"Body" Earth, believing in that holistic view typical of someone who does not separate the cosmological sphere, that is the reality that surrounds man, his environment of life and the spiritual world. The man is anchored to the native land but extends its arms to the sky to collect water, source of life and the wind, the breath of the spirit, holding the gaze on the horizon, taking care of their responsibility towards the present and future world : in native cultures there is not  logics of domination over Nature, but harmony with it, and responsibility . the social, natural and spiritual elements has to remain in the network with each other and in balance in order to create a harmony.